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Robert Asatryan

Mr. Asatryan was born in 1953, November 10, in Leninakan.

From 1971-1975 he studied at Kirovakan Pedagogical Institute, by receiving the degree of Teacher of Secondary School History and Social Science.

From 2009-2012 he studied at Yerevan Management University in the department of law.

From 1975-1977 he worked at high school in Sarakap village of the Ani province as vice principal and a history teacher, then in the department of areal peoples’ education methodical cabinet as a Methodist.

From 1977-1979 he served in the Soviet army.

From 1981-1985 he worked as a history social science teacher, first in Leninakan mathematics specialized boarding school then at Leninakan School N3.

From 1989-1993 he worked at “HayUralUibshin” construction company as a brigadier.

From 2001-2005 he worked at “Prnonto” and then Ojunyan school-collage as a deputy director and a history teacher.

From 2002-2007 he worked at RA N49 then N35 electoral commission as a commission head.

From 2007-current he works at Gyumri Beer Factory “Shirak SJSC” (then “Gyumri-Beer” Ltd.) as a legal adviser.

From 2012, November 12 he works as a Staff Secretary in Gyumri Municipality.

Foreign Languages-Russian

Mr. Asatryan is married and has 2 children.