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In the accordance with the Law of the RA "On Holidays and Memorial Days", the following Holidays and Memorial Days are celebrated in the Republic of Armenia.



New Year and Christmas holidays – are celebrated from December 31st to January 6th. December 31th, January 1st, 2nd (New Year) and January 6th (Christmas and Epiphany) are not working days.
Army Day is celebrated on January 28th, not working day
Mother Tongue Day is observed on February 21st.
Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th – not working day.
Maternity and Beauty Day is celebrated on April 7th.
Labour day (May Day) is celebrated on May 1st, not working day.
Land Defender’s Day –is celebrated on May 8th.
Victory and Peace Day is celebrated on May 9th, not working day.
The Republic Day is celebrated on May 28th, not working day.
Children’s rights protection day is celebrated on June 1st.
Constitution Day is celebrated on June 5th, not working day.
Knowledge Day is celebrated on September 1st.
Independence Day is celebrated on September 21st, not working day.
Holy Translator’s Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of October
St Vardanants Holiday – the day of mercy and national homage is celebrated on Thursday, 8 weeks before Easter.
Holy Etchmiadzin Holiday is celebrated on Sunday, 64 days after Easter.


Memorial Days

Memorial day after Christmas and Epiphany Day is on January 7th, not working day.
Commemoration day of victims of violence held in Azerbaijan SSR and of protection of the rights of banished Armenian people is commemorated on February 28th.
Genocide Victims' Commemoration Day is on April 24th – not working day.
Earthquake Victims' Commemoration Day is on December 24th.

According to the 18th article of the RA Law «On holidays and memorial days» traditional and religious holidays can be celebrated in Armenia, and by the Government decrees are celebrated professional holidays and memorial days. According to the RA Government decisions, the following professional holidays and memorial days are celebrated in the Republic of Armenia.

Memorial Day of Repressed People is on June 14th.
Memorial Day of the victims of the events of October 27, 1999 is on October 27th.
Missing freedom fighters Memorial Day is on June 14th.
International Day of Human Rights is on December 10th.
Meteorologists  Day is on March 23th.
Geologists Day is on the first Sunday of April.
Ecologists Day is on June 5th.
Builders and geodesists Day is on June 30th.
Miners and metallurgists Day is on the second Sunday of July.
National Security employees Day is on December 20th.
National Anti-Tobacco Day is on October 12th.
Astrology Day is on September 18th.
Civil Aviation Day is on September 30th.
Donors’ Day is on January 8th.
Teachers’ Day is on the first Sunday of October.
Police Day is on April 16th.
Border-guards Day is on April 26th.
Medical workers Day is on June 21st.
Prosecutors’ Office employees Day is on July 1st.
Librarians Day is on November 7th.
Armenian Press Day is on October 16th.

The Law on RA Holidays and Memorial Days gives opportunity to the government to change the working days.