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Shiraz House Museum  

The great Armenian poet’s house museum has been working since September of 2003. The house was presented to Shiraz on July of 1938. But the writer couldn’t live in the house for a long time; he died on March, 1984. The building is an old structure (built in 1886), belonged to a rich merchant. In order to perpetuate the poet’s memory and preserve the heritage, this house in Leninakan would later become a memorial house museum, by the decision of the government of Armenia. The earthquake of 1988, made more than ten families found their shelter in the museum, which was not opened to the public yet. From 2000-2002, the Gyumri municipality provided with apartments to the families living in the museum, by releasing and resorting the museum building. 

Address: Gyumri, Varpetats Street 101
Working Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11:00AM-17:00PM
Tel: (+374 312)5-51-42

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Isahakyan House Museum

The Russian-Turkish war caused the Isahakyan’s family displacement from the historic Armenian city Bayazet, and settlement in Aleksandrapol. In 1829, in a pretty corner on Generalskaya Street (Varpetats), the poet father’s grandfather built a house for two of his sons. In this house, on the 30th of October, 1875, the youngest son of Sahak Isahakyan’s Avetik is born; the great Armenian poet Avetik Isahakyan. On the 29th of October, 1975, on the 100th anniversary day of the master, the Isahakyan’s house became a memorial house museum. During short period of time it became one of the best museums of Armenia, and shaped its history. During the time, many guests visited the museum, renown people such as Vazgen A the Catholicos of All Armenians, world famous writer William Saroyan, Marshal Hovhannes Baghramyan, famous singer Elena Obraztsova and many others, all of them shared their impressions in the museum guest book. The disastrous earthquake of 1988, also touched the house of the great master. For several years it was half reconstructed. In October of 2002, by the decision of the government of Armenia and financial support of Gyumri municipality the house museum of the great writer again came to life. The relics of the writer found their place in the halls of the museum. The house of the great writer again became a pilgrimage site for our fellow citizens and many visitors.


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“Mher Mkrtchyan” House-Museum

The organizer of the museum’s foundation is the mayor of Gyumri, Vardan Ghukasyan. Having the appropriate honor typical to Gyumri people, duly praised the genius of our land, world famous and talented, Gyumri born Frunzik (Mher) Mkrtchyan, and founded the “Mher Mkrtchyan” museum in 2004, on Varpetats Street. The opening ceremony of the museum took place in 2006, with pomp and celebration. The museum covers the life and activities of the great actor, by leaving the great art values to the future generation. The purpose of the museum is to make its visitors to get a closer look at the life and works of the great Armenian actor Frunzik (Mher) Mkrtchyan. The collection and research on gathering materials concerning Mher Mkrtchyan is consistently going on for enriching the museums fund. A consistent work is done with the visitors for comprehensive representation of the actors artistic values. Among the museum exhibits, the commode is of a important significance: from “The tango of our childhood” movie, the keg, from “01-99” movie, and helicon from “Orchestra Guys” movie. There are more than 270 photographs connected with the life and activities of the great actor. The handmade cartoons by Mher Mkrtchyan, pictures, letters, documents and samples are preserved in the museum. During the process of establishing the museum, the “Community Museum” guide book was created. There are always themed gathering, reports, essay readings, by the participation of different educational institutions and none governmental organizations.

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“Marian and Yeranuhi Aslamazyan sisters’ gallery”

The gallery has been working since November 7th, 1987. On the 70th anniversary of Mariam Salamazyan , Mariam and Yeranuhi Aslamazyan sisters presented about 620 of their original works to our city. The building is provided by the city government.
The gallery building was given to the homeless people after the earthquake.
In 2004, the gallery building was reconstructed by the financial support of the Linsy Foundation; the opening ceremony takes place in spring of the same year. The gallery is an art museum, preserves and displays painting, graphic and ceramics created by the Aslamazyan sisters. The gallery is in a two-story building. Yeranuhi Aslamazyan’s works are displayed in the first floor, Mariam Aslamazyan’s works are in the second floor. Yeranuhi (1910-1998) and Mariam (1907-2006) Aslamazyans received their art education in Leningrad Institute of Arts.
The two sisters are multiple award winners. Yeranuhi Aslamazyan is an Armenian folk artist, Mariam Aslamazyan is USSR People’s Artists, as well as winners of Nerui and Naserayi awards.
Many exhibitions are organized in the gallery, for exhibiting both sisters and contemporary artists’ works.  

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Art School named after S. D. Merkurov

The art school named after S. D. Merkurov is one of the centers that has national and cultural significance, which had a very important role even about 90 years ago, when it was founded. The establishment of the art school was an expected and natural occasion. Nevertheless, the opening of the school in 1921, was not accepted as a simple step towards the city development. It is not coincidence, that even the first graduates of the school, enhanced the collection of the new Armenian art. At the beginning, it was located in the first floor of a building located nearby the St. Nshan church, later it was moved to a school area called “Daltoplan”. In 1940s it occupied part of the gymnasium building. Later, was moved to the pedagogical institute. And finally, in 1979, it was moved to a two-story historic building, which is one of the architectural features of the city. In 1989, the school functioned in temporary facilities located in the park named after S. Shahumyan. Currently the school is located and working on Jivani Street 78, by occupying part of library building after Hovhannes Tumanyan.

Address: Gyumri, Haghtanaki Ave. 47
Working Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11:00AM-17:00PM
Tel :(+374 312) 5-93-27
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Gyumri municipality “Dance School named after Aghasi Shaboyan”

Gyumri municipality “Dance School named after Aghasi Shaboyan” was establish in 1997, as part of “Creators” company, as an choreographic studio. In 2002, by the decision of the Gyumri mayor Vardan Ghukasyan and the Council of Elders, the school received a status of Gyumri professional dance school. In 2004, the school was named after the great choreographer Aghasi Shaboyan. From the first days of its existence, about 40 students graduated from this school. They continued their education in different higher and professional Armenian institutions, and continue dancing in famous dance groups of the city. In 2008, the Alekpol dance ensemble was established, by the participation of its best dancers. During its short period of existence, the school was awarded with many diplomas and certificates, by participating republic, city and international festivals. In 2009, the ensemble participated in international festival, together with 21 other countries, in Tulcha, Romania, and won the second honorable place and was awarded with a cup: 1. Folk Dance, 2. Classical Dance, 3. Lifestyle and Contemporary Dance. About 100 students attend the dance school. The founder and the artistic director of the school is Samvel Gasparyan.
There are also other joint schools that function together with this dance ensemble: the international festival winner “Gyumri” dance ensemble, international festival winner “Alekpol” junior dance ensemble, and “Gyumri masters” veteran dance ensemble, directed by Samvel Gasparyan.  

Address: Gyumri, Khrimyan Hayrik, 46A
Tel: (+374 312) 5 51 05, 00 (374) 91 15 07 93
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The Gyumri municipality Puppet Theater named Stepan Alikhanyan

The first puppet theater in Armenia was founded in 1935, May 26, in Gyumri (former Leninakan), by the initiation of a cultural figure Hasmik Gyuzalyan. Even the first performance of the theater: “Revolutionary Tanya”, “The monkey and the mirror”, “The puppets’ Dance”, Hasmik Grikorgyan was able to indicate the directions for children civil, moral and aesthetic development, as well as the flourishing of the theater art. In 1946, distinguished actor and director Stepan Alikhanyan reopened this theater, which is currently called “The Puppet Theater named after Stepan Alikhanyan”. In 1972, the theater is member of world puppet theater organization UNIMA, functioning under the umbrella of UNESCO. During its 75 year of existence, the theater has participated in many festivals and was awarded with medals, diplomas and certificates.  

Address: Gyumri, Abovyan 131
Tel: (+374 312) 4-82-08


Nikoghayos Tigranyan Art School

Nikoghayos Tigranyan Art School was established in 2007, as a result of joining N. Tigranyan No 1 and Komitas No 2 music schools. This helped to preserve and enrich the best traditions that had been founded in those schools.
Both of the schools didn’t stop their activities even after the 1988 devastating earthquake, by settling in some temporary facilities and resisted numerous difficulties. In 2003 with the support of social funding, the reconstruction works for the music school started, on Abovyan 260 Street, where currently the art school is. The director of the school is Manya Ghukasyan.
Currently, there are 500 students and 85 employees at the school. The students of school have represented Armenia and Gyumri in many famous international competitions, such as Monika Manucharova in Berlin, 2007, Junior Eurovision in Cyprus, 2008, in Sochi, Mane Galoyan in famous Vladimir Spivakov competition in Moscow, in France, in the States and in other places.
The school has piano, string, brass, folk instruments, and vocal (classical, folk, pop) departments. Besides the music departments, there are also art, dance (classical and fold dance) and modeling departments. There is also a need to open theater department, also to expand the activities of individual sections (mainly in the department of art, the sculpture).  

Address: Gyumri, Abovyan 260
Tel: (+374 312) 5-95-64


Music School No 4, named after Arshak Brutyan

The school was built in 1970, it was located in a tree-story building and had about 30 classrooms, a big hall with capacity of 200-250 people. The founder of the school is Rafik Gevorgyan, who has been the director of the school for about 30 years (currently teaches for thrombin classes).
Many of the school students won many awards and diplomas. They continue their education in the conservatory, as well as teach in many music bands both in Armenian and in foreign countries. In 2009, the director of the school became Khoren Vardanyan, and during this period, the school became more active and progressive. In 2010, in Gyumri dramatic theater, the 40th anniversary of the schools foundation was celebrated. Rewards and certificated were awarded to the director and the teachers of the school, by the mayor of Gyumri Vardan Ghukasyan. Their work and dedication was highly appreciated.

RA, Gyumri, Shchebrina 3A
Tel: (+374 312) 3-09-16

“Crazy” dance group

“Crazy” dance group started its activities in February of 2008. The group had participated in many festivals and received many awards in Armenian folk and contemporary dance genres. “Crazy” dance group offers variety of dance types; the students learn dances of different styles and genres. We have children from age 4 to 16, learning Armenian folk, contemporary, cultural dances around the world, classical dance, gymnastics and theater act. The teachers who work with the kids are: Edgar Harutyunyan, Meri Mkrtchyan, Arpine Adamyan and Annik Hayrapetyan. The gymnastics specialist is Gagik Movsisyan, theater act is taught by Gohar Khachatryan. Art director of the school is Edgar Harutyunyan.  

RA, Gyumri “Ani” district, collage “Foton”
Tel: (+374 312) 93 307 127 E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it