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Slogan, the Coat of Arms and the flag  


The slogan, coat of arms, and the flag are considered unique symbols of identification that describe the uniqueness of the city of Gyumri and play a role in the city’s recognition. They are used by the local government during its activities as well as by the local businessmen in making their activity results publicly available.  

The coat of arms was approved by the city council of elders in 2001.


The meanings of the symbols on the Coat of Arms are as follows.

The Panther- The Bagratuni Coat of Arms is used, since their residency was in the Shirak region.

The Arch -The Aragats mountain and the church are used as elements typical to the Gyumri city nature and architecture.

The Lantern - According to the legend, the G. Lusavorich lantern is burning between the peaks of Aragats, which is why it is used in the Coat of Arms as well.  

The Shaghul - (a tool used in architecture for accuracy) is used as a symbol of craftsmanship and punctuality.

Wheat spikes complete the bottom of the Coat of Arms, which symbolize silence.

The arch from the left and the right symbolizes education and the arts.

The city flag was approved by the city council of elders in 2011.  


flag gyumri

  • The Gyumri city flag is white with a gold frame.  
  • There is a red cross in the middle with a golden image of a panther.  
  • The width and the length of the flag are 1:2.  
  • The white color symbolizes the will to live in peace.  
  • The red cross is the symbol of the nation’s longevity and the Christian belief.  
  • The golden panther symbol belonged to the Bagratuni dynasty; it symbolizes the independence of Armenia and the statehood.  

The “best slogan” competition will be held in the future, after which it will be introduced to the council of elders for approval.