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Manasyan Knyaz

Born in 1956 in Martuni district, village Tsovinar.

1973- Graduated from Tsovinar high school.

1973-1974- Laborer.

1974-1979- Graduated with excellence the Leninakan branch of mechanics of YSU.

2002-2002- Graduated with excellence the department Energy of Armenia State Architectural University.

From September –November of 1979- Worked as a laboratory assistant in at Leninakan branch of theoretical mechanical faculty of YSU.

1979-1981- Served in the Soviet Army.

1981-1982 – Worked at Leninakan branch of KNT of YSU, as a lecturer.

1982-1988 – Worked at Leninakan branch of LKEM of YSU as a committee secretary.

1988-1989 – Worked at ACP Moscow regional committee, as an instructor in the Department of Industry.

1989-1991- Worked at ACP Leninakan regional committee as a social-economic instructor.

1991-1996 – Worked at department of housing in Moscow area as ATB supervisor, deputy head of department, acting department head.

1995 – Appointed as deputy director in Gyumri city council executive committee of the Housing state company.

1996-1998 – Worked at Jrmugh-Drainage “Gyumri” SE, as a director.

From May-September of1998- Held office at Shirak regional electrical station as a first deputy director.

1998-2000 - Worked at “Northern Electrical Station” as a head of sales department, from 2000-2002- Deputy General Director of sales positions.

2002 April-December – Held office of “Armenian Electrical Station” Ltd. Northern coordination service department head, 2002- December-2003 May- held the director’s office at “Ghars” branch of the same company.

2004-2011- Held deputy director’s office “Armenian Electrical Station” Ltd. “Ghars” branch, 2012-2012- director’s deputy adviser of the same company.

2012 October- Temporarily runs the department head of Housing and Environment Protection of Gyumri Municipality.

Mr. Manasyan is married and has three daughters.