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Ghazaryan Mekhak

Born on December 12, 1966 in Leninakan.

1974-1984 – Studied at school N32 named after Raffi.

1980 – Involved in boxing.

1984-1988 – Graduated from Leninakan Pedagogical Institute named after M. Nalbandyan, department of Physical Training.

1986- Winner of the “Good Will” games.

1987, 1988, 1990 - USSR boxing championship, USSR Spartacadia winner.

1987- Winner of Europe’s boxing championship.

1988- 5th rank award winner at Seoul Olympics.

1990 – Winner of the “Good Will” championship.

1993 - Award winner of the European championship.

1996- Participant of the Olympic Games in Atlanta.

1997- Founded Gyumri Municipality boxing school, worked as a school director until October of 2012.

2012 October – Temporarily runs Gyumri Municipality Physical Training and Sports Department.

USSR sports master.

Mr. Ghazaryan is married and has two daughters.