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Gyumri mayor Samvel Balasanyan received the delegates from the European Union led by the newly appointed director of Yerevan office of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Mark Davis and the head of political, economic, press and information section Dirk Lorenz.

During the regional preliminary trip, Mr. Lorenz presented the main purpose of their visit. According to him, the European Union is ready to implement new projects in Armenia, independent from Armenia’s external policy; moreover the EU has already outlined its project directions for 2014-2017. Support will be provided to small and medium enterprises, in the spheres of state management which can be implemented on community and state level.

In terms of projects, Mark Davis suggested energy industry, water management and drainage, transportation and private business sectors.

Samvel Balasanyan presented in his turn the main directions with the best possible ways of collaboration, for creating new jobs, supporting small and medium businesses, light industry, culture and sports. Both sides expressed their willingness for deepening the further cooperation to develop expedient and productive ways of partnership.