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Sanoyan Ruben 

Born in 1951, October 15th, in Leninakan.


1971-1975 studied and graduated from Leninakan State Pedagogical Institute named after M. Nalbandyan.


Work Experience 

2012 –November –RA Gyumri Deputy Mayor

2006-2012- worked in “Gyumri Beer” LTD as a director.

2005-2006- was appointed as RA Shirak region deputy governor.

1999-2005- worked “Shirak Beer Barley Factory” LTD as a director.

1996-1999- worked “Shirak Beer Barley Factory” LTD as a president.

1993-1996- worked “Shirak Beer Barley Factory”, economist.

1991-1993- worked “Lusine” compay as a director.

1990-1991- Gyughshin Amasia trust and regional director.

1987-1989- Leninakan Drama Theater named after Mravyan, as deputy director.

1983-1987- Park named after St. Shahumyan, as aesthetic director, later N1 cultural house as a director.

1981-1983- Gyughshin trust, head of unit.

1979-1980- Trade union club, aesthetic director.

1987-1979- Leninakan Micro electrical factory named after St. Shahumyan, club director.

1975-1978- Katnajoor secondary school, physics teacher.

Foreign Languages

Russian, English

Mr. Sanoyan is married, has one daughter and 2 grandchildren.