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Karlen Khachatryan



Born on October 16, 1952, Kamo village  


1969 Kamo elementary school  

1977-1983 Gyumri branch of Yerevan Polytechnic institute named after Karl Marks, department of “Industry and Urban Construction” 

Work experience

1969 – 1974 Akhuryan N4 construction division ShAD, senior economist  

1974 - 1976 Served in the Soviet army  

1976 – 1983 Akhuryan division N39 ShAD, senior economist 

1983 - 1987 Department head of finance, Akhuryan N4 division-accounting division, senior accountant-assistant on finance.

1995 - 2000 Tax service of Akhuryan, senior tax inspector then senior inspector.  

2000 - RA State Income Commission of Shirak province, department head regional tax inspection supervision.

As of August, 2013 Department head of Internal Audit of Gyumri municipality.

Additional information 

2001 “RA Tax Service 2nd class advisor” title

2003 “RA Tax Service 1st class advisor” title 

2006 “RA Tax Service 3rd class senior advisor” title

2010–2013 Senior tax inspector in the same tax division.  

Married, has two children.