Home Information Center News Gyuimri municipality is ready for the winter
Wednesday, 26 November 2014 16:11

 The department of housing and environmental protection of Gyumri municipality started the preparatory works of winter in September; the required amount of relevant materials-salt and sand, have already been obtained. At the press conference held on November 24, the department head of housing and environmental protection Knyaz Manasyan informed that the amount of salt and sand as well as the appropriate techniques are more compared with previous years. Gyumri municipality also purchased a snow collecting machine, that can remove and collect the snow from streets and sidewalks. Main streets are primarily subject to cleaning as being more overwhelmed, but that does not mean that the secondary streets will be ignored. Last years experience has shown that the best time to clean the streets is at night, so basically cleaning works are planned to be at night when the streets are not full of cars.