Home Information Center News Representatives from Gyumri municipality visited school and congratulated on the Day of Knowledge and the launch of the new academic year
Monday, 01 September 2014 18:48

 On September 1st, Gyumri municipality staff leaded by the deputy mayor R. Sanoyan and the staff secretary R. Asatryan visited different Gyumri schools and congratulated on the start of the new academic year. In Gyumri high school N2, R. Sanoyan congratulated the students and wished them academic success and new achievements, considering the fact that these years at senior school are going to pass by quickly by becoming base for the choosing the future occupation. At Gyumri Russian School N19 of 102 military base, along with start of the new academic year the schools 20th foundation date was also celebrated. In his speech the deputy mayor R. Sanoyan first read Gyumri mayor S. Balasanyan’s congratulatory message, who prioritized the school’s role in the Armenian-Russian friendship relationships.

According to the deputy mayor, Armenian and Russian children study next to each other for years, for most of which Gyumri is the birthplace and their memories are inseparably connected with Armenia’s cultural capital. In their turn, the head of the school expressed his thankfulness from Gyumri municipality for their attention and warm attitude.