Home Information Center News Gyumri mayor Samvel Balasanyan held an open consultative meeting
Tuesday, 08 July 2014 16:01

 Today, one of regular open consultative meetings took place, chaired by Gyumri mayor Samvel Balasanyan, on the current situation that occurred on streets that were demolished because of the new water system network application. The meeting was hosted by the representatives from “Shirak-Jrmugh” LTD and “Gitek” consulting organizations, “Darojnik” and “Sade” construction companies implementing the new water system network renovation works and employees from Gyumri municipality department of housing and environmental protection. The mayor Samvel Balasanyan said that because of the new water network system a lot of inconvenience has been created on the streets, which keeps on causing the dissatisfaction of the population. The mayor noted that the previous agreements did not give the preferred results and there is a need to develop a clear working procedure, which will allow eliminating the problem with joint efforts. The solutions of coming out of this situation as well as work implementation proposals were introduced by the representatives of “Shirak-jrmugh”, LTD, the construction companies and “Gitek” consulting organizations. The list of streets to be repaired by their priority will be made, as long as the weather conditions are favorable.