Home Information Center News Gyumri mayor receives Glendale mayor
Tuesday, 17 June 2014 12:44

 Gyumri mayor receives Zareh Sinanyan mayor of Glendale, California. At the beginning of the meeting hosted by NA deputy Arman Sahakyan as well, the mayor Samvel Balasanyan welcomed the high rank guests for their trip to Gyumri and hoped that it will boost the deepening of relationships between Gyumri and Glendale.
In his reply speech Glendale mayor thanked for the warm welcome and mentioned that he is happy to be in Armenia’s northern capital and marked the fact that he personally highly estimates Gyumri’s role and purpose in the life of Armenia.
According to Zareh Sinanyan, boosting the relationship between Gyumri and Glendale is realistic. During the meeting Samvel Balasanyan presented the sister city declaration package to the mayor of Glendale for his consideration and suggestions. After the meeting Zareh Sinanyan had an interview with the local media.