Home Information Center News Gyumri mayor visited several kindergardens
Sunday, 01 June 2014 14:36

 Today, on June 1, the mayor of Gyumri Samvel Balasanyan visited a number of kindergartens on International Children's Day and was also present at some events held for children.
The mayor also visited the kindergarten N42 in “Mush” district which is under the auspices of "World Vision" international charitable organization of Gyumri territorial Department. The mayor answered to the questions of the journalists that were specifically related to the construction of playgrounds and kindergarten fees which are under subordination of Gyumri municipality.
Samvel Balasanyan noted that there are already fixed plans for the construction of playgrounds. In the framework of possibility, kindergartens might be free of charge in the nearest future. By the approved resolution of Council of Elders some separated social groups currently are not charged fees.