Home Information Center News Gyumri Mayor Samvel Balasanyan’s message on the occasion of the Republic Day
Wednesday, 28 May 2014 08:36


 I heartily congratulate you on the Republic Day, a celebration which unites our nation and is the symbol of its libertarian spirit. 96 years ago, in the conditions of continuing genocide, mass displacements, hunger and epidemics, the Armenian nation committed an heroic deed beyond imagination in Bash Aparan, Gharkilisa and Sardarapat by defeating the Turkish multi number troops and the forces. Being created in the conditions of hardships, the Armenia’s First Republic was destined to survive during a short however an important period, the learnt lessons of which must always accompany us and the future generations, for keeping our national values and traditions to appreciate our achievements and victories. This is the day which symbolizes the readiness of the Armenian people to solve the hardest and sometimes impossible problems, if united.
One more time, I congratulate our hero nation and all of the citizens of Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora and wish them future successes and victories on the way of strengthening of our statehood.

Gyumri mayor Samvel Balasanyan