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Friday, 23 May 2014 09:35


 Dear graduates, I warmly congratulate you on the occasion of graduating the high school which is the most significant event in your life.
This unforgettable day remains in everybody’s memory during their entire life, and I wish this to be the start of your success and happiness.
Though the prom symbolizes the farewell, it is also the symbol of a new start, perspectives and horizons as well as the high sense of responsibility towards all these. You enter a new life, where the upbringing and education received from school are necessary to be a good and a useful citizen for the homeland. Our state in its formation is in need of educated and competent young people.
I send my congratulations to your pedagogues and parents hoping that one day you will realize their dreams.
Let your destiny lead you towards happiness and brightness.

Gyumri mayor Samvel Balasanyan