Home Information Center News Gyumri mayor held working discussion with the directors of Gyumri condominiums
Tuesday, 15 April 2014 22:36

 On April 15, Gyumri mayor Samvel Balasanyan met with the directors of Gyumri condominiums. The mayor noted that the positive progress in condominiums works are visible, however in order to reach better results it is necessary to tightly partner with each other and the municipality.
The first issue of the agenda was the upcoming citywide Saturday cleaning on April 19. According to the mayor the day must not have a symbolic significance in keeping the city clean. In this case it is more important to maintain both cleanness of the city and taking care of its green areas. Samvel Balasanyan also added that the municipality is ready to provide with trees and plants though every citizen will be responsibility for taking care of them. Gyumri mayor also added that this year over 20 playgrounds will be built around the city as well as funds will be provided for repairing the roofs of multi story apartments.
During the meeting, works were discussed implemented by different condominiums and the future works in particular the placement of multi story building doors, playground building, lighting and other issues which will be implemented by the municipality funds.