Home Information Center News The condition of the streets in districts around the city were discussed in Gyumri municipality

 Today on March 14, the next public consultation took place in Gyumri municipality, leaded by Gyumri mayor Samvel Balasanyan, on the street unfavorable conditions caused by the new water system network improvement works. "Armenian water & sewerage" CJSC project investment director Norik Gevorgyan, the new water supply network providers “Darozhnik” and “SADE”, specialists responsible for construction companies and Gyumri municipality staff from housing and environmental protection department were present at the meeting.
During the opening speech, the mayor noted that the current conditions cause the residents’ complaints and that is the reason that a clear timetable needs to be developed for construction companies to improve the conditions of the streets.
Samvel Balasanyan suggested the construction companies to turn to the municipality for technical support and assigned the housing and environment department to use the favorable weather conditions and clean up the streets around the city from mud and dust covers. The solution for this problem and work organization purposes were introduced to "Armenian water & sewerage" CJSC and the representatives of the construction companies. The next meeting will take place at the end of March, when the final report on street cleaning works will be presented to the mayor.